Peer review process

The following is the editorial workflow that manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Multidisciplinary Care (JMDC) will be peer-reviewed. The editorial workflow is fully run through the online manuscript tracking system. After the submission of a manuscript is finalized, all authors are informed about the submission, and the corresponding author can track the manuscript on his/her private page on the JMDC website. The Editor-in-Chief examines the submitted manuscript.

Based on the manuscript's subject, the Editor-in-Chief also asks the section editor, associate editors, or co-editors to examine the manuscript. If they determine that the manuscript is not adequately qualified to undergo the review process or if its subject is not suitable for the journal’s scope, the manuscript will be rejected without any other processing. If the Editor-in-Chief determines that the submitted manuscript is adequately qualified and its subject is related to the journal’s scope, then the manuscript will be sent to one of the editorial board members based on its subject, the lack of any potential conflicts of interest, and the availability of the editors. In this case, the manuscript will be sent to at least 2 external reviewers. The Peer review process is as follows:




Dr. Mohammad Rahimi-Madiseh 

Editor in Chief:


Dr. Ali Ahmadi 

Indexing & Abstracting








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